1 of One

~ A Diversity Project ~

One of a kind

One of humankind

The purpose of the '1 of One' project is to show how people are one of a kind, and still all part of humankind.


My goal is to show the wonderful diversity among people, by their experiences, accomplishments, and characteristics.

Yet, by putting their faces alongside a list of unique descriptions, one of which was provided by each person, 

you will not know who has experienced what. You will only know they are all HUMAN.


It’s about respect. It’s about diversity. It’s about people.

20 year veteran

Shaves their head for St. Baldrick's Day

Eagle Scout

An immigrant

25+ Years Sober

K9 Police Officer

Six-time NCAA

Pole Vault Champion

Short-term foster parent

Thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail



Parent of a child with autism


Overcame a rare

condition that blinded me


Dual citizen


Serves in the United

States Army

Finished the Boston Marathon

9/11 first responder

Agoraphobic, traveling model


Lost 100+ pounds

Personal Trainer

3-time breast cancer survivor

Master scuba diver

Registered nurse

Speak Mandarin Chinese

Makeup artist

Do you have an interesting or unique job, experience, or trait?
We want to hear about it!

Please share your story below for a chance to participate in the 1 of One Project.



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