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Ish & Jenna's Sunrise Session | Paris, France

I first connected with Jenna on one of my photography Facebook groups. She is a fellow photographer based out of Ontario, Canada, and was looking for a photographer to capture some photos of her and her husband on their upcoming trip to Europe. They were crossing the pond from Canada to the Netherlands to photograph a wedding, and decided to make a mini vacation out of it and hit up France and Belgium with some of their family. My fiance and I were on vacation in Europe, traveling between Spain, Portugal and France, and I was lucky enough to connect with Jenna and Ish in Paris on one of their last days in Europe.

Because I would not be considered a morning person, waking up at 4:30am and taking a nearly hour long Metro ride filled me with sense of dread, even before it began. When I arrived at Trocadéro Gardens, the street lights were lite and darkness still blanketed the city. It was early, and I was sick and tired. But as the sun rose, and the blackness turned into oranges, yellows and pinks, away went my tiredness. Paris had evolved from a calm, sparkling, city of lights to a glowing, bustling metropolis before my very eyes. In that moment, it all became worth it! A flood of gratitude washed over me. "I am an American, meeting up with a Canadian couple to photograph them in Paris! Wow!" And there is no better way to celebrate the wonders of travel and photography than with a photoshoot at the world renowned Eiffel Tower.

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