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Matt & Allison's Engagement Session | Volo Bog, IL

Matt and Allison's relationship started as a simple friendship. They went to school with each other and hung out for years before they began dating in 2015. In the years that followed they became more and more in love, and, in 2018, decided to build their dream house together. Now, Matt and Allison had talked about marriage before, but Matt said he wanted to wait. Little did Allison know that Matt was already in the process of planning a very special surprise for her. Their home was still under construction when Allison received a call from her contractor. He said there was a problem and Allison need to come down to the house right away. Thinking the worst, Allison went. When she arrived she was asked to put on a blindfold. She was still so focused on the house that she had no idea what was coming next. She removed the blindfold to see that Matt had spray painted "Marry Me?" on their house! Needless to say, Allison said "YES!" and "Marry Me?" will forever remain under the siding of their house.   

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